U.S. Asian Cultural Academy (UACA) signed a memorandum of cooperation with SISTM

September 27,2018

September 27th, President Wang Jianping signed a memorandum of cooperation with Professor Zhao Xiaoming, Chairman of the Board of U.S. Asian Cultural Academy (UACA), in order to promote the exchange of lectures, joint training and visits between the scholars from two institutes. Also present at the signing ceremony were Guo Yugui, the Director of the International Education Research Center in UACA, Vice-president Zhang Qingjie, Prof. Yaowu Yang, Mr. Zhang Wenjie and Mr. Yanqun. President Wang gave a welcome speech and looked forward to taking this signing as an opportunity for both sides to complete each others’ advantages. The two sides planned to cooperate in communication of experts and scholars, advanced strategic training and the training of management cadres in the central and western regions.